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We provide IT support services to local and national companies. We have in-house expertise in project management and can offer advice and consultancy for your next IT project. We are also an Internet Services Provider (ISP) and can host your online services on our own servers in the cloud.

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.uk domain registration and renewal

We are channel partners with Nominet, the UK’s domain authority, as such we are empowered to register, manage and renew domains under the .uk top level domain name space […]

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How to keep OS X Terminal client connections alive when idle

There are three ways to keep your SSH client connection alive, even when it is idle and you are away doing something else: You can add the ServerAliveInterval […]

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Swift 2 https with BASIC Authentication

In order to access a remote URL programatically in Swift 2…     func getData() { let username = “myUsername” let password = “myPassword” let url = NSURL(string:  “https://www.example.com/path/list”)! […]

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